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Industrial Press eBooks Technical Support

For questions and technical support regarding Industrial Press eBooks contact:


*If you have any questions/concerns, please write an email to the above email address with your registered username, email address, along with a brief message regarding your concern and any other details/screenshots that you can provide.*

Voicemail 1-646-593-8618  (Weekdays Only)

If you need help, please leave a voicemail with your name, username/registered email address, name of our eBook site, and a brief message regarding your concern. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Support is available between the hours of:

4:30 AM EDT to 8:00 PM EDT on Weekdays

You also can access useful instructions directly on this web site by clicking here

Institution Sales

Choose from a single book subscription by concurrent user, or create your own collection based on the needs of your institution.

Judy Bass
Editorial Director
Industrial Press

For questions regarding print books and CD-ROM products: